A Railway Station in Caerleon?
March 5, 2023

A major issue for Caerleon as part of the current consultation over the Replacement Local Development  Plan is whether it should include a Caerleon railway station. Including a station in the plan will not guarantee that one will happen, but leaving it out, will make achieving a station in Caerleon more difficult. The current plan does not include a station: the original 2015 plan did include a station, but this was taken out at some point.

There has been opposition to a station in Caerleon, arising largely out of a fear that it will draw in more cars, adding to the traffic issues which are already a significant local problem.  However, thinking around the design of stations has seen a major shift as part of the active travel agenda. There is now the concept of community “walkway” stations which are within walking distance for the majority of local residents. These stations have very limited or no car parking available, other than for travellers with disabilities. There could also be cycle storage. One of these stations is being planned for Magor and Undy.

The site identified for a station in Caerleon in the original Local Development Plan was on the site of St Cadocs Hospital. A station located here would be walkable from almost all of Caerleon and would also be on the national cycle network.

If you have views on the concept of a station,  you have until 8 March when  the consultation on the Replacement Development Plan closes.

You can email your views to:

[email protected]

You can download a consultation form and find out more at: 


There is more on the proposed Magor and Undy station at:


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