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Caerleon Branch Labour Party meets on the last Wednesday of every month, with exeption of August and December. We met in the public library in Caerloen Town Hall, at 7:15pm.

We take an active interest in all local issues. We hold lively political discussions, receive regular reports from our councillors and school governors and organise enjoyable social and fund raising events throughout the year. 

It's not just that this quote oozes petty vindictiveness.

Or that the 'senior Labour source' chose to say it to the Sun.

It's also the contempt it shows for the millions who respect Corbyn and its ignorance of the possibility that their votes might make a difference in #GTTO.

Noa Hoffman @hoffman_noa

Senior Labour source on Corbyn ban: "So long, good riddance, no thanks for the awful memories, and here's hoping the door hits him on the way out"

🛴🚲🚶‍♀️Big shout out to everyone taking part in @sustrans's #BigWalkAndWheel - the UK’s biggest walking, wheeling, scooting and cycling to school challenge.

✅Active travel reduces traffic congestion and improves air quality in our neighbourhoods. https://twitter.com/Sustrans/status/1639306336222732291

Sustrans @Sustrans

We're only halfway through this year's #BigWalkAndWheel challenge, but more than a million active travel journeys have been recorded already 🥳🙌

A huge well done to everyone taking part - let's keep it up! @SchwalbeUK

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