An eventful autumn and Festive Season for Newport City Council

  • Friar’s Walk, homelessness and much more.

    It has been an eventful and historic autumn for Newport City Council with the hugely successful launch of the Friars Walk development, the decision not to ban rough sleeping in the City Centre and the prospect of further cuts in the council’s budget – traceable ultimately to George Osborne’s austerity programme.

    Recent editions of Newport Matters outline some of these issues, including help  for homeless people and information about Christmas events in Caerleon. For further information Click here.

    At the time of writing the new bus station near Debenham’s is still to be completed. Although the ban on rough sleeping hasn’t been implemented there are orders in place to prohibit the drinking of alcohol outside licensed premises, persistent approaches in the street by charities and other organisations, dogs without leads and unauthorised fly posting.

    Caerleon’s Remembrance Sunday was very successful despite problems with Public Liability insurance. The usual march in the town centre had to be scaled down but Scouts, cadets and other organisations played their part brilliantly. It wasn’t a council event.They have never provided insurance – and it took a while to convince the critics and the sceptics. We understand that sponsors have now been found for next year’s event, so all is well!

    Parade 1

    Fly Tipping. Newport Council continue to respond to reports of fly tipping as quickly as they can, and this example on Bulmore Road was dealt with within a day, once it was reported.

    Litter on Bulmore



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