Angel decision is deferred by planning committee

  • Newport City Council planning committee has agreed to defer a decision on an application by a local development company to convert the Angel into a Sainsbury’s convenience store.

    At their meeting on Wednesday committee members agreed that a site meeting should take place before any decision was taken, and that this would happen in June – after the election.

    Officers had supported an application by Hillvale Estates to convert the ancient pub into a convenience store, to include two first floor flats and the replacement of buildings at the back of the premises. They said it would enhance the centre of Caerleon and that there wouldn’t be a significant increase in traffic..

    But  councillors on the committee made it clear that they weren’t happy with the advice. Councillor Gail Giles isn’t a committee member but spoke as a residents’ representative.

    She was concerned that  increased development in Caerleon since 2004 had already had an effect on air quality and questioned the officers’ assumptions that this conversion wouldn’t make a significant difference. She felt there would be problems with delivery lorries turning in the car park at the rear, and that this would conflict with car drivers using the same space. And this could have a major impact on traffic flow in Mill Street and the one way system generally – adding to the serious problems which exist already.

    There had been considerable oppositon to the application locally, and although she had no problem with Sainsburys as a company she was concerned about the effect on local businesses. This was a case of the developer’s profits taking precedence over a small community’s interests.

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