Another shocker from the Lib Dems

  • The Lib Dems have once again been deliberately misleading the people of Caerleon and Newport. They’ve just published and distributed a tabloid style newspaper which, despite what they say, is anything but the truth.img_2571


    They have form. Some weeks ago they tricked hundreds of unsuspecting local internet users (see our earlier post on this site) into thinking that they were backing a supposedly community based Facebook  campaign about the Caerleon Campus – only to discover their names and contact details were suddenly switched to an explicitly political Facebook page run by the Lib Dems.

    Then they distributed a fake questionnaire in Caerleon and other parts of Newport. It was full of loaded questions encouraging people to criticise the council. It was designed to look as if came from Labour, but if you used a microscope you would discover  – surprise, surprise – that it came from the Lib Dems.

    Now this propaganda sheet, which is riddled with untruths about Labour’s management of Newport Council. They completely misrepresent the picture when it come to such issues as playgrounds, homelessness and the Campus.They even sneer at the success of Friar’s Walk – a project which they originally backed but failed to deliver when they were in partnership with the Conservatives. They have been distributing this flyer in Caerleon and neighbouring wards of Newport. We have checked the facts, and this is our response.Click here.

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