Boleros appeal overturned

  • The campaign to cut the licensing hours at Boleros appears to have succeeded, despite an appeal to magistrates by the owners. We are still waiting for official notification.

    Local residents, with the full support of Councillor Gail Giles, had originally objected to the owners’ practice of selling alcohol until 1.00am on Fridays and Saturdays. They were fed up with noise and drunkenness in the streets in the centre of Caerleon, and Newport Council’s licensing committee agreed to a midnight closing rule.

    Boleros appealed but Cardiff magistrates upheld the licensing committee’s decision.

    Now Boleros will have to shut at 12.00 midnight in line with other pubs in the village, and only six people are allowed in the smoking area after 11.00pm.No alcohol can be taken out to the smoking area after 11.00pm. The magistrates have awarded just over £2,000 costs to the council

    Gail Giles said:
    “I am delighted with the result. It is a victory for local residents who only wanted to live in the centre of Caerleon without having to suffer noise and antisocial behaviour into the early hours of the morning. It was caused in the first place by an irresponsible pub landlord who did not respect our community.”

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