Bulmore Road “gypsy” site and the planning laws

  • We’ve been looking at social media comments on the Planning Inspector’s decision to allow the “gypsy” development on Bulmore Road. Some people, some of whom should have known better, have taken the opportunity to take a double swipe at the Welsh Government and the Planning Inspectorate.Caerleon Labour Councillors, supported by Caerleon Labour members, were strongly opposed to the application, as were NCC, but it was an independent verdict by a planning inspector. The fact that the Inspectorate is paid for by Government departments is irrelevant. Governments also pay judges, and in view of the Supreme Court’s recent decision to order the Government to debate Article 50 in Parliament, the fallacy of that argument is self-evident. One suspects that the Welsh Government might have wanted to support NCC. We’ll never know, it was not their decision to take. Interestingly all this commenting seems to be following a pattern adopted by right wingers to undermine the independence of the Planning Inspectorate in England and Wales. It would be a disaster if we did away with the Inspectorate because applicants and their opponents would then have to go to court. Much more time consuming and expensive. This blog by a leading planning lawyer is very informative and revealing.

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