We tell CADW that this fence is ugly and dangerous

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    Caerleon Labour Party have written to CADW, the Welsh Government’s historic environment service, protesting about the way the bottom entrance to the Amphitheatre has been blocked with a barbed wire fence.

    CADW have closed the footpath which originally passed between the amphitheatre and the Roman wall. They say they are limiting access to the site in an attempt to reduce vandalism. Visitors trying to enter the amphitheatre from the Hanbury Field end are now being diverted along the new cycle route through the Priory Field, and have to go out onto Broadway before they can enter the site. CADW say they will eventually replace the fence with a hedge.

    In their letter Caerleon Labour say:

    ” ….. we most certainly view the erection of the wire as something of a botched job. It is unsightly and looks like it has been put up in haste and without due care. The cycle route is used by many people and children on foot; and to have barbed wire within easy access of children attending two local schools is unwise and dangerous. We feel very strongly about this matter; and believe the attractiveness of the site, and safety of persons in Caerleon, have been jeopardised by the above.”

    As a party we were particularly concerned to hear that the 12 year old son of one of our members who walks the path regularly suffered minor injuries after coming into contact with the fence. CADW have been informed about the incident.

    We are  concerned that the fence will dissuade tourists from visiting one of the best preserved amphitheatres in the UK, and we want to know whether CADW has assessed the potential hazards for local people who use the cycle route.

    We appreciate the need to reduce anti-social behaviour and vandalism, but we want the present structure to be removed, and replaced with something safer.






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