Caerleon Campus – our councillors have organised a public meeting

  • Our councillors have organised a public meeting in the Town Hall on Tuesday April 12th from 7.00pm – 9.00pm, where they and the public will put questions to the University about the proposed redevelopment of the Caerleon Campus. The formal consultation ends on the 15th so this would a good chance for residents to have a final say. Council officers will also be present.


    And just to get the record straight, our councillors have always opposed the whole scale development of Caerleon. While some of our political opponents claim that our councillors are washing their hands of this particular development this is not true. Our councillors have been talking to the University for a long time, and they are deeply unhappy about it. Now that more details have been released, and the consultation period is underway, the councillors are in a better position to comment- although Councillor Paul Huntley, as chair of Planning, will not be able to express a view. That’s the way local government works.

    Residents with an interest in commenting on the University’s proposals can see more detail on

    And although it’s probable that there will be a housing development on the Caerleon Campus Site our councillors will be fighting for minimal disruption to Caerleon, and maximum investment in the town’s services as a result of the sale of the land.

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