Caerleon Campus – the public meeting

  • A public meeting in the Town Hall to air concerns about the proposed sale of the Caerleon Campus site attracted more than 250 frequently angry  residents. Organised by Councillors Gail Giles, Paul Huntley and Cliff Suller, officials from the University of South Wales and Newport City Council faced a barrage of questions and comments about the proposed sale of the site. The consultation period, during which the public can submit their views to the University, ends on Friday April 15th.


    Despite strong indications from council officials that any housing development would require the developers to put considerable sums of money back into the community, particularly for education, many remained sceptical about the overall benefits to Caerleon. Concerns about traffic and the poor state of the Comprehensive School buildings were repeatedly aired by residents.


    Officials made it clear that no planning application had yet been submitted and that detailed environmental and traffic studies were still needed. University representatives said the decision to close the site was based on falling numbers of students who seemed to prefer  Newport City Centre as a base, and the £32m cost of refurbishing the Caerleon site.

    Newport council officials made it clear that the University would have to provide convincing justification for removing the sports and leisure facilities.

    It looks as if a detailed planning application could be some months away. Meanwhile Councillors Giles and Suller made it clear that they will continue to oppose any housing developments on the site. As chair of planning Councillor Huntley can’t say anything at this stage.


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