Caerleon Councillors call for urgent meeting with HSBC

  • Caerleon Ward Councillors Gail Giles, Cliff Suller and Paul Huntley have been closely involved in discussions with senior officials at HSBC over the proposed closure of the bank’s sub-branch in Caerleon. Rosemary Butler AM has also protested to the bank’s regional director.

    Councillor Giles said: “Rather than staging photo-opportunities outside the bank we have been making direct approaches to a number of senior officials at HSBC ever since we heard that the Caerleon sub-branch was going to close.”

    Councillor Suller has written to the bank’s head office, and Councillor Giles has already had a meeting with HSBC’s manager in Newport, and has spoken to a senior official at the bank’s regional office in Cardiff.

    “We’re now calling for an urgent meeting with officials at HSBC’s head office in Cardiff,” said Councillor Giles. She added further points on behalf of all three councillors:

    • “We want a public meeting and we want to complain that there wasn’t a proper consultation with the public  and with local councillors in the first place.”
    • “We want to emphasise that customers should be given a choice of which branch they want to use if the Caerleon sub-branch is closed.”
    • “We want an HSBC cash machine to be retained in Caerleon.”
    • “We wish to complain about the lack of an apology to customers in the closure notice displayed in the window of the bank’s premises in Caerleon.”

    And the leader of Newport City Council, Councillor Bob Bright has added to the protests. “It is disgraceful that such a major bank feels unable to offer a service which is so clearly needed,” he said. “Once again it is the most vulnerable in our society who are likely to be hit the hardest by such a move.”

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