Caerleon Councillors object to the proposed Campus development

  • Councillors Gail Giles and Cliff Suller have made it quite clear in a letter to the University of South Wales that they will object to any proposed housing development on the Caerleon Campus site.


    In response to the University’s public consultation exercise they have responded with comments and objections. They are concerned about:

    • The possible effect of over development in Caerleon
    • Possible effects on the environment, and the need for a full Environmental Impact Assessment
    • The need to preserve the main building
    • The need to secure benefits for the community if the site is sold

    Note: Councillor Paul Huntley, as chair of the Planning Committee, cannot comment at this stage. The University has not yet submitted a formal planning application to the council’s planning committee. Councillors Giles and Suller will continue to oppose unwanted housing development on the site.

    Councillors Giles and Suller’s  full letter can be read by clicking CaerleonCampusletter

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