Caerleon Labour win two seats out of three on May 4th



    Congratulations to Gail Giles and Jason Hughes for their magnificent win in Caerleon in the Newport City Council elections on May 4th, and a big cheer for Mike Singleton who didn’t quite make it but who worked so hard. And thanks to all the team who put so much effort in at a time when all the forecasts are not good for Labour nationally.

    Congratulations also to Newport Labour for such a magnificent win. And  thank you to all the people in Caerleon who worked so hard in the local elections. In such a hard fought election every vote counted, every door knocked, poster put up, leaflet delivered and person who voted made a difference. The success was achieved through hard work and a strong foundation started many years ago and individuals who worked tirelessly giving their time and energy. Our share of the vote was higher than the Tories, and although Mike didn’t quite get over the line his resilience and dedication was noted by all.
    Now it’s back to business for Gail and a new journey for Jason but both have spoken to so many residents and supporters they are fully aware of the challenges we face and are determined to work hard for our town. We also face a general election so we ask supporters to stay involved and work equally hard for our MP’s to keep Newport Labour.
    We have a Council position to win back in Caerleon and the work starts today. Stay enthused and engaged and keep Labour at the heart of the community. 

    Caerleon Results

     Andrews, Richard JW  Welsh Conservatives  1079  
     Edwards, Stan  UKIP Wales  309  
     Enea, Michael J  Welsh Conservatives  1095  
     Giles, Gail E  Welsh Labour  1336  Elected
     Hughes, Jason  Welsh Labour  1166  Elected
     L’Allier, Paul G  Welsh Liberal Democrats  392  
     Ricketts, Laura L  Welsh Liberal Democrats  239
     Singleton, Mike  Welsh Labour  1065  
     Watkins, Joan M  Welsh Conservatives  1282  Elected
     White, Andy  Welsh Liberal Democrats  376  

    The overall results:



    Newport Independents Party                   


    Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales




    Wales Green Party


    Welsh Conservative Party 


    Welsh Labour


    Welsh Liberal Democrats



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