Clap for Carers: WELL DONE CAERLEON!

  • Gail, Jason and Brett, Chair of Caerleon Labour Party, congratulate everyone who joined the ‘Clap for Carers’ throughout our streets yesterday evening. It was amazing and showed what a fantastic community we are and how much we truly value all our nurses, doctors, hospital staff and workers who are fighting Covid-19 on the front line, day in and day out. Absolute heroes.

    We also thank and recognise the huge commitment and dedication of the teachers and staff who are providing care for key workers children, those looking after and assisting the vulnerable in our care homes, sheltered accommodation and in our community, as well as all the emergency services.

    We are also aware of the fantastic support being provided by so many from our community who are helping neighbours and volunteering as well as the shopkeepers and businesses wherever it has been possible to keep their services going.

    Your work is invaluable.

    Last and certainly not least we thank all our Council officers and workers who are working long hours, under tremendous pressure not only to undertake everything required by this terrible pandemic, which involves legislation changing almost on a daily basis. They have ensured the provision for key workers children, meals for the most needy pupils, continuation of social services support for the most vulnerable adults and, sadly, will involve arrangements for those who have lost the fight against this disease.

    Meanwhile, they are also trying to maintain as many services to residents as they possible can. It is a mammoth task every day.

    Please continue to keep yourselves and others safe.

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