ConDem cracks are opening up – but the coalition goes on

  • Mike Singleton, Caerleon Labour Party’s new vice-chair, has warned that Labour has to get used to the idea that the ConDem coalition is not on the verge of breaking up, whatever Labour supporters may hope. Leading a discussion at this month’s monthly meeting of the ward party he said:

    “I am going to start and finish this with a warning against wishful thinking: because we want an end to this government, don’t think it will happen. I am not going to look at the Labour aspect of this issue but I don’t think the party was in any shape to take power in the event of a coalition collapse until relatively recently and some might say it will take a full 5 years for the party to be in a fit state to govern again.”

    The reason why the coalition might fall apart is inherent in the way it started. From the Tory point of view they won the largest percentage of the vote but they didn’t win a majority: so they won- but they didn’t. From the Lib Dem point of view an alliance with the Tories was anathema to a lot of the activists and their elected representatives from the start and it remains a nasty taste in the mouth now: so why did they do it?

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