Getting the message across in Newport West

  •  Newport West Labour volunteers have been doing a brilliant job at getting the message across in both Caerleon and Newport West as a whole. It’s this sort of work which is helping us to fend off challengers in this, one of the most important general elections for decades. Up until May 4th:canvassing at Civic

    • more than 70,000 leaflets were delivered by hand
    • 18,000 doors were knocked or bells rung
    • 10,000 letters were delivered by hand to postal voters
    • 2,000 people were spoken to on the phone
    • 400 window posters were given out
    • 100 garden boards were displayed

    The next time you come across anybody who says they haven’t heard from us or seen anything of us it’s worth mentionng these figures!

    Postscript: On the night, of the five main polling districts of Caerleon, we came first in three of them and second to the Tories in the third. The smaller parties were all well behind, including UKIP. Our hard work clearly paid off!




















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