HSBC refuse to give way to angry councillors on Backhall Street closure

  • Senior officials from HSBC have been meeting Caerleon Councillors Gail Giles, Paul Huntley and Cliff Suller, and Newport West AM Rosemary Butler, at the bank’s main office inNewport.

    The four politicians once again expressed their anger about the proposed closure of the Caerleon sub-branch in Backhall Street in November.They said they were extremely concerned that local customers would now have to travel to Cwmbran – the main branch for Caerleon – or to Newport, if they wanted face-to-face contact with bank staff.

    HSBC remain adamant that the sub-branch wasn’t doing well enough to justify keeping it open.The premises will now be sold on the open market. But they told the four politicians that they were confident that an independent provider would be installing a free cash machine in Caerleon, and a number of potential alternative sites for an ATM were now being looked at.

    The three councillors are still angry that HSBC will no longer have a presence in Caerleon. In a joint statement they said:

    “We are very disappointed that HSBC have refused to change their mind about this closure. It will make life very difficult for many people in the town and shows an uncaring attitude. But at least, in response to our insistence, they have accepted the need for an ATM and we want to make sure that they keep their word on that.”

    Rosemary Butler said:

    “HSBC recently announced an £8 billion half yearly profit, and you’d think that they could show more consideration towards a community like Caerleon. I asked them if they could make their premises available for use by the community, but they refused – they said they would be selling the building on the open market.”

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