Labour Councillors have always opposed unwanted development in Caerleon

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    Newport Liberal Democrats like to give the impression that Labour councillors in Caerleon sit on their hands when local development issues come up.

    At the moment they are using this fallacy  to attack Labour over the present University Campus controversy.

    The fact is that instead of grandstanding all over Facebook, our Labour councillors  have been negotiating with the University for months, on a face to face basis.

    The fact is  that until the detailed planning application is submitted there is nothing specific to object to. That’s the way planning works. In the meantime our Councillors organised a public meeting (this Tuesday evening), so that residents could put their questions to the University and Newport City Council planning officers. That would give the developers, and the Councillors, a more comprehensive idea of what Caerleon residents want. It’s all part of the pre-application consultation process.

    The fact is our Labour councillors have consistently opposed, both as councillors and candidates, various developments in Caerleon over the years. They have made this clear in quotes from previous manifestos.

    • 2008 : “Protect our environment and oppose detrimental planning applications.”
    • 2012 : “Giving you a say over threats to our open spaces. Opposing unwanted developments – including the Angel”.

    Examples of where they have opposed development include:

    • A whole range of  potential sites which came up in the Local Development Plan in 2010. Gail Giles, the only Labour Ward Councillor at the time,  was one of the objectors and organised a public meeting. Of the other two ward councillors (both members of the Council’s Conservative/ Liberal Democrat ruling coalition) one refused to object and one didn’t turn up.
    • The detailed application for 54 houses at the McCready site on Ponthir Road in 2011. Gail Giles was the only ward councillor to object to this development – the other two ward councillors at the time were Tories and neither turned up for a site meeting.
    • The “gypsy” caravan site on Bulmore Road.
    • The Eastfield Road garage site
    • The Hanbury Garage development

    Their opposition to unwanted developments continues, whatever they are.

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