Latest Covid-19 Update

  • Our Labour Councillors continue to monitor compliance with Covid-19 legislation.

    Following concerns raised Licensing Officers were asked to investigate and have provided the following update:

    Hanbury: The complaint stipulated that the bar was four deep over the weekend, after reviewing the CCTV this was simply not the case, in fact the premises is not serving from the bar. Persons seated outside are required to use a phone app to order food & drinks, if you don’t have a phone you are required to be seated inside where it is only waiter service (or you can use an app). As such nobody was located in the bar area.

    The White Hart: The Private party was not a private party as we would commonly know it ie: buffet, disco, family celebrating etc. The White Hart have determined to only allow locals into the premises they actually know and they can control with social distancing. They did not want customers waiting to get into the Bull to come across the road into their premises as they had no door staff. Clearly those who regularly drink in premises where invited to the “Party” but track trace took place and social distancing was observed from what we could see on CCTV. The DPS said that by putting a sign private party only prevent bank holiday drinkers and Bull customers entering the premises.

    Minstrels: The premises had a very basic track trace system in place in the form of a signing in book that complies with the regulations. I was concerned regarding their understanding of social distancing within inside the premises, advice was given and re-visit will be undertaken in the next two weeks.

    The Bull: The premises was visited on Sunday twice and full visit was undertaken, the issue with the Bull is the long queue outside the premises that was being managed, but made the premises look like a nightclub but in fact everybody was sat down at the tables. The queue is required so as to undertake track & trace. The premises will be revisited again. It was clearly very busy as it was Bank Holiday, if it causes significant further disturbance we will of course work with the premises and neighbours to ensure we meet the fine balance.

    Gail and Jason thank all the pubs, businesses, organisations and our residents who are working hard work to ensure the safety of the public. “We also thank Council officers for their diligence and commitment to protecting our community. It is vitally important, particularly as the R rate is once again rising, that each of us keeps to the Covid-19 rules”.

    For the latest Coronavirus information please visit: www. and www.

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