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  • Like everyone else, Jason and Gail have been shocked by the events of last weekend. Gail had already witnessed the complete lack of social distancing of the large crowd queueing outside the Bull at 7pm on Saturday evening and immediately alerted Jason, as Chair of Licensing, who contacted Licensing officers and police. Both our Labour Councillors have also raised their concerns directly with Police Superintendent Mike Richards, and will continue to monitor the situation closely.

    As a result of an emergency meeting on Monday, the Licensing Authority & Gwent Police visited the Bull on Tuesday morning and a Closure Notice was served on the premises.

    The Closure Notice ONLY relates to the marquee and car park area while the pub and beer garden attached to the pub can remain open.

    The Closure Notice can only last for a maximum of 14 days or until the premises can meet the “conditions” as highlighted within the closure notice. The marque will remain closed this weekend and further visit to the premises will take place on Monday the 19th to determine if the Closure notice should remain in place.

    The Conditions are as follows:

    • On Friday & Saturday from 18:30hrs till close no persons should be permitted onto the premises Outside/Gazebo area without a pre booked table. No walk up bookings will be permitted between the hours of 18:00hrs till close on a Friday and Saturday.

    • The tables that are currently located within the car park (excluding the Gazebo area) should be removed. No tables should be present in the carpark area other than within Gazebo.

    • All customers must be led to their tables and reminded that they are not permitted to change tables at any time. Clear signage on tables should remind customers of this fact and any customers that fail to comply will be asked to leave the premises.

    • No Queueing should take place on public highway/pavement on Friday and Saturday from 18:30hrs till Close. A queuing system on these nights should take place within the premises car park area and only for those who have pre booked a table. A minimum of Two SIA door staff should be present to manage the queue and refuse entry to the premises if customer has not pre booked.

    • Last entry to the Premises should be 21:00hrs

    • A further 2 SIA door staff should be deployed in the Gazebo area and further 2 SIA door staff within inside of the Licence premises and the beer garden.

    • No drinks should be served to customers inside the Gazebo the premises after 9:40pm and all persons seated in the Gazebo/outside carpark area must leave the premises by 22:00hrs. Customers within the licence premises and the beer garden must be off the premises no later than 22:20hrs.

    • From 18:30hrs till Close on a Friday & Saturday the premises should operate as an over 25 venue.

    • CCTV cameras are required to be installed in the Gazebo area and capable of recording for up to 14 days. CCTV should be provided at a request of Responsible Authority under terms of the Licensing Act 2003.

    • The Gazebo must meet the definition of an outside area at all times when customers are present.

    • Implementation of all actions identified in your COVID Risk Assessment.

    • Other measures that achieve equal effect but are not necessarily specified in the guidance may be implemented.

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