Liberal Democrats come a cropper with their bandwagon tactics

  • An interesting “egg on the face” story in the Argus this week.

    An example of Liberal Democrat technical incompetence or political deviousness? Newport Lib Dems were involved in the setting up of a Save Our Campus Facebook page which attracted more than 1400 “likes” but which then mysteriously morphed into the Lib Dems’ very own political Facebook page, thereby hijacking the “likes” posted by people who were only interested in the Campus campaign and didn’t realise that they would end up on a Lib Dem page.

    The Lib Dems say that it was quite clear that it always was a Lib Dem page, but some of the non-Liberal campaigners – who complained to the Argus – clearly don’t agree!

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    Whatever the technical arguments are, the Lib Dems have constantly attacked us for not doing enough to save the Campus, while we have argued that they were simply jumping on a bandwagon, to boost their electoral profile. This latest episode helps to confirm our view!

    Caerleon labour Party's photo.
    Caerleon labour Party's photo.

     A postscript to that. Michael Enea, A Lib Dem activist in Caerleon and St Julians has now resigned as a candidate in St Julians in protest at the way the Facebook page was changed.

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