M4 relief road, is it the only answer?

  • Steve Howell

    Caerleon Labour Party member Steve Howell  has put forward a thought provoking alternative to the suggestion that Newport needs a new relief road.

    Plans for a new road to the south of Newport, to free up traffic movements in and out of South Wales, is currently being put out to consultation by the Welsh Government.

    Steve, despite having to travel to work in Cardiff every day, is not impressed by the idea. He argues that there is a direct alternative to the relief road , namely the development of a South East Wales Metro. In other words a city region with a public transport infrastructure which reduces the need for yet more cars on the road. Steve expands on the idea in recent newspaper articles. (This is a personal view, and not necessarily Caerleon Labour Party’s.) To read his views in the Western Mail  click here and in the South Wales Argus click here


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