Newport Labour election manifesto

  • In his introduction to Labour’s manifesto Councillor Bob Bright, Leader of the Labour Group on Newport City Council, says:

    ” In the City Council Elections to be held on 3 rd  May, you will decide who governs our City for the next 5 years. Labour’s pledge is to stand up for you and for our City.

    ” Our Manifesto is based upon the core values and beliefs which we believe are shared by most people in our City. Labour in Newport is dedicated to:

    • Creating a Caring City
    • A Fairer City
    • A Learning and Working City
    •  A Greener and Healthier City
    •  A Safer City

    “We aim to reverse the stagnation of the past 4 years when, just like in the UK, the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition has badly let down our City. “

    For the full manifesto click here

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