Our Labour Councillor Jason Hughes Speaks Up for Caerleon

  • During the recent virtual Full Council, Jason’s request for a higher police presence in Caerleon was acknowledged by police Superintendent Mike Richards.

    Jason raised a number of concerns relating to Caerleon that included anti-social behaviour, damage to our heritage sites, speeding, drug matters, alcohol related crime and a number of issues in and around the Lodge area including and the shops and near the Amphitheatre.

    In addition, Caerleon is attracting people from around the locality and further afield as it contains a high level of accessible and open licensed establishments with a good safety record.

    Superintendent Mike Richards responded by providing assurance of additional resources including police time that would be allocated to Caerleon as an acknowledgement of the concerns raised by Labour Councillors that Caerleon needed more attention at this time.

    We have also had a positive follow up phone call from our Community Support Officer Sarah Skillett.

    Meanwhile, Jason and Gail will continue to raise issues and concerns with police.

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