Planning victories for our councillors and residents

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    Newport Council’s Planning Committee have rejected an application by Newport City Homes to build flats on the former garage site in Eastfield Road, Caerleon. There was widespread opposition from local residents , and their case was consistently supported by Councillors Gail Giles and Cliff Suller on the grounds that the development was out of character, unwanted and likely to lead to traffic increases. Councillors Giles and Suller attended a site meeting on December 15th along with Councillor Paul Huntley, the chair of planning. Councillor Giles spoke against the proposed development at a meeting of the Planning Committee, Cliff Suller submitted his own objections and Councillor Paul Huntley,as Chair of Planning, voted against the application when the Committee reconvened in the Civic Centre after the site meeting on the 15th. Their action was consistent with their opposition to unwanted development in Caerleon.

    The planning committee have also refused a retrospective application by the owners of Penrhos Quarry, Caerleon to build a road to the site on the grounds that it was an inappropriate development in the countryside. Caerleon Councillors have also opposed this development.

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