Press coverage, two corrections in a week!

  • We have had some excellent coverage about Caerleon issues in the South Wales Argus and the Guardian Money supplement recently, but one or two errors had to be corrected.

    The Argus carried a very good story about the magistrates’ decision to turn down an appeal by Boleros in the dispute over opening hours. (click here) The only mistake was that Gail Giles was referred to as a “former” councillor. The Argus has now printed a correction.

    The Guardian Money supplement last week published a huge spread on the widespread problem of supermarket chains taking over pubs. (click here)

    The Angel at Caerleon was mentioned and the report stated that the campaign had been lost.

    The Guardian quickly agreed to print a letter from Gail pointing out that this was not yet the case and that the fight continues.

    Gail wrote:

    “You reported that our campaign in the Roman town of Caerleon against the proposed conversion of the Angel Hotel into a convenience store had been lost. Fortunately that is not yet the case. The proposed development has caused outrage among residents. Caerleon has a population of approximately 10,000 and I gather that 2,000 objections have been submitted. A public meeting at our small town hall was attended by over 400 extremely angry residents.

    “The main concerns are that an already congested traffic system will     only  get worse; inadequate parking at the store’s premises and a regular flow of delivery lorries would choke nearby residential streets; small traders could be forced out of business.

    “It is shocking how little protection there is under planning laws. The sytem needs changing, and I’m hoping that the Welsh Government can, at least, recalibrate the scales in Wales.”

    Councillor Gail Giles,

    Caerleon Ward, Newport City Council



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