Proposed improvements to Comprehensive School & other council news

  • Schools improvement programme:

    Newport City Council are putting forward proposals to the Welsh Government’s 21st Century Sc
    hools programme. for £70 million worth of improvements to schools across the city – including Caerleon Comprehensive.

    The aim of the programme is to reduce the number of schools and colleges in poor condition and ensure Wales has the right size schools and colleges in the right locations.

    Under the programme, local authorities are invited to bid for funds to carry out such works in their area.

    Newport City Council is proposing to put forward a programme of improvements to the value of £70 million in anticipation that Welsh Government would fund 50 per cent.

    The schools included in the proposal have been selected in line with the council’s strategic aims and the priorities of the programme. Those taking priority have been selected based on condition, the number of school places available in the area and ways in which we can make best use of current assets.

    For Caerleon, the improvements would include the replacement of demountable buildings and improve classroom facilities to ensure that there are sufficient pupil places. The application to seek further funding from the Welsh Government for Caerleon schools formed part of Caerleon Labour Party’s pledges before the May elections.

    Recycling Targets: Caerleon and other Newport residents are thanked for helping the city to achieve waste recycling targets set by the Welsh Government.

    Interim results released in May show the council’s overall performance on recycling, up to December 2016, has increased by around six per cent to 62 per cent, exceeding current targets by four per cent.

    For more information on what can be recycled and to check your recycling, and waste collection days, visit the council website: Click here 

    Planning queries: Applications affecting Caerleon that are submitted to the council are published on a weekly list which can be viewed by clicking here.

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