Removal of Home Farm playground equipment

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    Residents from Home Farm have recently expressed regret that playground equipment near Hazel Walk has been removed. This was because new and totally unanticipated safety regulations affecting playgrounds throughout the country were suddenly introduced.
    Councillors Gail Giles, Paul Huntley and Cliff Suller also very much regret that this happened and would like to see new equipment placed there, but – as is the case with local authorities everywhere – there is a shortage of money.
    Your councillors are now arranging for wild flowers to be sown on the site of the Home Farm playground. This initiative has proved to be very popular in other parts of Newport.
    In the meantime the councillors are offering to help local residents or community groups apply for Lottery,or other forms of funding, to replace the equipment. (The councillors cannot apply themselves – it has to be a community bid). This may well be the solution, and it would also help to establish the level of demand for new equipment in the area. 
    For further information please contact the councillors 
    or contact Newport City Council on 01633 656656
    We would remind residents that a playground at the Lodge Hill School site will be retained.


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