The A Team is back!

  • In an amazing evening for Labour our three candidates regained all three Caerleon seats in the Newport council elections. It was in sharp contrast to the disappointments of 2008, when Gail was returned only after an exhausting series of recounts, and Paul and Cliff lost out to the Conservatives despite building on their votes of 2004.

    A low turnout and poor weather is usually ominous for Labour, but as the counting progressed it became clear that things were going well. The long term campaign had clearly worked. Party members worked with dedication throughout the pre-election period and many non-party members showed their lack of enthusiasm for the Tories by displaying Labour election boards and window posters.

    The results speak for themselves.


    Gail Giles (Labour) 1582
    Theresa Hughes (Lib Dem) 300
    Paul Huntley (Labour) 1346
    Angela Jones (Cons) 1074
    Edward Saville (Cons) 743
    Cliff Suller (Labour) 1342
    Joan Watkins (Cons) 874




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