Tribute to Paul Flynn MP from Dame Rosemary Butler

  • I am greatly saddened by the death of my good friend Paul Flynn MP and my thoughts are with Sam and the other members of his family at this time.

    Westminster has lost one of its most talented parliamentarians, Newport has lost one if its finest champions, and I have lost an outstanding political colleague.

    Our friendship goes back to the 1970s when we served together as newly elected Labour councillors on Newport Borough Council. The close affinity we established at that time continued when Paul was the MP for Newport West and I was elected the constituency’s Member of the Welsh Assembly.

    In my experience, the close working partnership between us was almost unique amongst MPs and AMs serving the same constituency on the two legislative bodies. It was a huge pleasure working with Paul. He was always full of ideas for improving the lives of the people of Newport and was never happier than when he was meeting his constituents and exchanging ideas with them.

    He gave his life to serving the city. As one of his constituents once remarked, “Everyone in Newport knows someone who has been helped by Paul Flynn”. We have lost an exceptionally talented, highly principled, intelligent, witty and charming man – one of the outstanding politicians of his generation who devoted his life to serving Newport.

    Thank you Paul.

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