UKIP sign in Caerleon vandalised. Our view

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    We oppose everything UKIP stands for but, we deplore this sort of thing. We live in a democracy and even if we don’t like what our opponents say they have a right to put up election signs without having them damaged.

    Having said that we’re concerned that much of the current debate in the Assembly election  has been overshadowed by the European referendum. Membership of the EU and UK policies on immigration are not devolved matters, but quite a few of the people we are meeting on the doorstep at the moment say they will be voting UKIP mainly because of immigration.

    Residents of Wales who were born abroad only represent about six per cent of the population, and many of them didn’t come from from the EU anyway. But UKIP, having been put on the spot by President Obama, the Bank of England , the IMF and many others over economic issues, are now concentrating on immigration. One wonders what role UKIP AMs will have to play in the Assembly, which has no brief for these matters.

    Their main Welsh policies include the re-establishment of Grammar Schools. The expense involved in providing  separate buildings doesn’t seem to have occurred to them. And elections to health boards would be about as riveting and fruitless as elections for Police Commissioners.

    Apart from that, they seem to be deeply divided amongst themselves before they even get elected. Fighting like ferrets in a sack is a phrase which comes to mind.

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