Uncertainty over Europe is affecting the Celtic Manor

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    Caerleon’s biggest entrepreneur, Sir Terry Matthews, is warning that uncertainty caused by the European referendum is hitting trade at the Celtic Manor.

    On the Wales Online (Western Mail) site he says leaving Europe would be “an absolute disaster”.

    He argues from an economic, rather than a political, point of view.

    “Put simply, ” he says,” I don’t think we can afford to take the chance that leaving the EU will not damage the UK economy – perhaps beyond repair.Please don’t let this happen.”

    And he says the uncertainty is already affecting business at the Celtic Manor.

    “At the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport,” he says,” we are already seeing that the booking of large scale conferences and events is being postponed while companies await the decision. National figures released by a venue finding company indicate a fall in the number of high expense events being booked through its website as companies put decisions on hold until the outcome of the poll is known.”

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