We keep our pledges!

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    Paul Huntley, Gail Giles and Cliff Suller

    We’re now distributing our latest newsletter in which we publish our 2012 council election manifesto pledges on key issues for Caerleon:

    • The environment: tackling poor air quality; protecting our heritage; preventing overdevelopment
    • Anti-social behaviour: keeping the May Fair as a safe    family event; controlling licensing; liaising with police
    • Young people: maintaining good schools, increasing youth activities and developing play areas
    • Transport: developing further cycle and walking routes;  campaigning for a railway station
    • Local democracy: restoring regular local public meetings; giving Caerleon people a voice
    • Senior residents: help for local organisations and support at home

    We also  challenge the Conservatives to show where they have carried out all the promises they made in 2008.

    For full version of newsletter click below.

    News letter April 2012.

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