Welsh minister intervenes to reassess campus listing

  • Caerleon Councillors Gail Giles, Cliff Suller and Paul Huntley have been told by Ken Skates AM, the Welsh Government’s new Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure, that Cadw  will now reassess the possible listing of the main university buildings at Caerleon.


    The councillors had written to Cadw asking for the main university building, the gatehouse and the original gate pillars to be listed as buildings of special architectural or historic interest. The letter was forwarded to Mr Skates  by Cadw, and he has now written back to the councillors confirming  that officials will be visiting the campus.

    The buildings had previously been rejected for listing, but Mr Skates says he recognises the strength of both public and political opinion, and there will be a reassessment of the buildings against the criteria for listing.

    Councillor Giles said, “I am delighted that the Minister has listened to our request for a review and we hope there will be a positive outcome. We also hope that the sports and leisure facilities currently provided by the campus will not be lost to Caerleon.”

    Meanwhile Councillors Suller and Giles continue to oppose housing development on the site, although Councillor Huntley, as chair of planning, cannot express an opinion.


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