Winter Road Maintenance Program
January 22, 2023

Newport City Council have a Winter Maintenance Programme which, given the current cold and icy weather conditions, some residents may find interesting and helpful. Routes have been developed over a number of years based on the criteria set out in Winter Maintenance Service Plan as shown below:-

Major roads (described as Priority Routes for Pre-salting).

Other routes known as urgent medical and important industrial routes.

Other Classified roads providing access to villages.

Bus Routes and public transport facilities.

Other roads to give access into built up areas.

Newport City Council gritting routes can be found on NCC website or you can use the link below:-

               Newport City Council

Newport City Council also provide approximately 580 grit bins in key areas across the City, which members of the public can use to treat the network. This facility should not be used for the treatment of private areas such as driveways. Locations of grit bins can be found on the NCC website or you can use the link below.

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