Cost of Living Crisis, Help & Advice.
October 2, 2022

The feedback on the Caerleon cost of living crisis meeting, held on Saturday 1 October, was very positive. The aim of the meeting was to make local people aware of the help and support available in meeting the challenge of rising inflation and the surge in the cost of energy. Councillor Steve Cocks told those attending that, “local councillors are very conscious of the financial challenges that many people in Caerleon are facing. What we want to do is make sure that people know where to go for help and support. There is lots available.”

The meeting was attended by local councillors, Senedd Member Jayne Bryant, and representatives from Citizens Advice, Mind and ReMake Newport. It was explained that help and advice was available on a whole range of issues, including entitlement to benefits, financial support, energy costs, mental health support and the repair of household items.

Councillor Jason Hughes told people of plans for a Caerleon hub over the winter, where people could come to meet and obtain information on dealing with the crisis. He commented that, “Covid showed Caerleon is a caring community and that people rally round when others are in need and he was confident that this would happen again.”

A range of information was available at the meeting and people were reminded that more is available on the Newport Council website and the Welsh Government website. Councillor Baker-Westhead also emphasised that local councillors were always available. “We may not have the answer to your question,” she commented, “but we will be able to point you to people who will.”

These are some sources of help and advice.

Newport Citizens Advice

Phone: 0300 3302 117 / 01633 222622


8 Corn Street, Newport, NP20 1DJ

Turn2us: help with benefit entitlement

Phone: 0800 802 2000

Entitledto: help with benefit entitlement

StepChange: debt advice

Phone: 0800 138 1111

Nest: support in making homes energy efficient

Phone: 0808 808 2244

Mind: mental health support and wellbeing

[email protected]

Phone: 01633 258741

100-101 Commercial Street, Newport, NP20 1LU

C.A.L.L: Mental health helpline Wales

Phone: 0800 144 8824

RE:MAKE Newport: community repair, reuse and hire

[email protected]

Phone: 01633 846806

26 Skinner Street, Newport NP20 1HB

Welsh Government: get support with the cost of living

There is lots of information on the website at:

Newport City Council: support and advice

There is lots of information on the website at:

Caerleon Newport City Councillors

Claire Baker-Westhead:  [email protected]

Steve Cocks:  [email protected]

Jason Hughes:  [email protected]

Newport West Senedd Member: Jayne Bryant

[email protected]                 

Phone 01633 376627

Newport West Member of Parliament: Ruth Jones MP

[email protected]

01633 256268

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